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We are a global technology and cloud services company serving leading financial advisory firms.

Our focus is always on you and your objectives – always striving to manage and support your growth initiatives flawlessly. We create personalized technology and cloud consulting solutions for companies going through rapid expansion. Let our experience and perspective be your advantage.


Best-in-class technocrats help accelerate sales by streamlining your business from paper to the Cloud. By helping you better leverage Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions through our consulting, implementation, and integration services, we can help transform your Sales Department outlook and performance.

QuickStart Pricing

  • Base
  • $ 9,250
  • Up to 5 Users
  • 4 Hours of Discovery
  • 4 Hours of User Training
  • 2 Hours of User Follow-Up Support
  • 2 Profiles
  • 2 Permission Sets (if required)
  • 15 Custom Fields (Per Object)
  • 2 Custom Objects
  • 2 Validation Rules
  • 1 Workflow
  • 2 Page Layouts (Per Object)
  • 2 Record Types (Per Object)
  • 3 Dashboards
  • 20 Reports
  • Request Info
  • Intermediate
  • $ 10,750
  • Up to 10 Users
  • 6 Hours of Discovery
  • 3 Profiles
  • 2 Permission Sets (if required)
  • 20 Custom Fields (Per Object)
  • 3 Custom Objects
  • 3 Validation Rules
  • 2 Workflows
  • 3 Page Layouts (Per Object)
  • 3 Record Types (Per Object)
  • 4 Dashboards
  • 25 Reports
  • 6 Hours of User Training
  • 4 Hours of User Follow-Up Support
  • Request Info
  • Gold
  • $ 13,750
  • Up to 15 Users
  • 8 Hours of Discovery
  • 4 Profiles
  • 4 Permission Sets (if required)
  • 25 Custom Fields (Per Object)
  • 4 Custom Objects
  • 4 Validation Rules
  • 3 Workflows
  • 4+ Page Layouts (Per Object)
  • 4+ Record Types (Per Object)
  • 5+ Dashboards
  • 25+ Reports
  • 8 Hours of User Training
  • 6 Hours of User Follow-Up Support
  • Request Info

QuickStart implementation packages do not include the following, but may be added for additional cost:
Web-to-Lead and Lead Assignment Rules
Quotes, Products and Forecasting
Marketing functions (Campaigns and Mass Email)
Importing Customer’s Data
* All packages include: 2 hours of Design and Pre-implementation Meeting and 2 hours of Configuration Review Meeting


Our experienced, certified Salesforce experts help organizations build long-lasting client relationships. By automating and streamlining key processes, we transform your customer support services, allowing you to focus more time on customers and waste less time on inefficient processes and technology.


We work with your marketing team to better leverage your data to create smarter, more effective, and targeted Marketing Cloud campaigns. We create the structure that allows you to move beyond spam and start creating campaigns with integration across all channels and steps of the customer journey.


If you have an existing app that needs help or an idea for an app, our experienced App Cloud developers can help you bring it to life. From app architecture to UI/UX, we have the insights and experience to create and package custom apps that are built on both Salesforce and Heroku platforms.


We help organizations leverage Cloud Communities to create environments that promote more effective collaboration and improve overall communication efficiencies. The ultimate goal is to create a healthier, more interactive and productive work environment.


Our team can help accelerate your sales and marketing effectiveness through creating smarter marketing automation solutions tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We will put our Pardot expertise to work for you and your organization to help you effectively leverage the full power of Salesforce.


Let us help you integrate and streamline all of your data flows to empower your business processes and improve your customer experience. Our Salesforce integration team has the experience to move you from disparate, siloed systems to a fully harmonized and more manageable one.

We are here to help you find the right solution to bring your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more.